Easy Step-by-Step To A Healthier Home

I wanted to share a few websites with the group that I LOVE!! These are for healthier homes!

Here are all the resources you will ever need!

For green building supplies, paint, carpet and all of the building supply needs go to www.greenbuildingsupply.com and ask for Joel. He is amazing and can help you with anything. Already painted with toxic paint? You can buy Safecoat to seal in VOCs and then paint over with non-toxic Mythic paint for example! Especially for the nursery!!

For water filters (YOU MUST FILTER YOUR WATER IMO) go to www.friendsofwater.com and ask for Timothy. He sells a variety of filters so he doesn’t push a particular brand so he is not biased! He has offered my group a code JaynesFilter to save 5%. He has bath filters and shower filters (you absorb more chlorine from breathing in the shower and soaking while bathing!), under counter sink ones, fridge ones and whole house

For air purifier the best is Austin Air. I have 4 of them. They are even used by NASA and will clear out toxic gasses, flame retardant chemicals, dust and mold and allergens. Clean air is critical to health. These are pricy so plan on indulging. Keep in mind though the filters last FIVE YEARS so the long term cost of these is CHEAPER than $150 ones that you have to replace the filter every 6 months. And cheap ones don’t work and even can make your air quality worse by releasing ozone. Contact Heather Welsh for that as I think she is offering a special right now to the group. trulyhealthybaby@yahoo.com

For nontoxic mosquito control Check out my truly nontoxic home company GREEN QUEEN at  www.thegreenqueen.com if you are in the Atlanta area for truly nontoxic essential oil based mosquito spray that works!

For bug control Check out my truly nontoxic home company called GREEN QUEEN at http://www.thegreenqueen.com for truly nontoxic bug control in the Atlanta area!

For healthier cleaners Check out PRODUCTS RECOMMENDATIONS for my favorites!. Wipe out all of your toxic stuff and pick up everything you need for $50. It does not include dish machine detergent and washing machine detergent. Either contact Antoinette Moura for her brand for those or use Greenshield for laundry and Method Smarty Dish for your dishwasher. antoinette.moura@gmail.com

Here is to a healthier home!!!!


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